November 19, 2008

Our 2nd Race

Stacy and I got to run in our second race a few Sundays past. The weather cleared and we got to see what it was like running with 500 other people. The final mile was my fastest mile...and Stacy had a bit of a problem with her knees. So we are back in the gym and working on warming up quite a bit more. It's tough to knock out all the kinks after sitting in a car for 1 1/2 hours and then suddenly stepping out into the cold. We're learning, and having a blast.

October 07, 2008

our 1st race

Stacy and I ran in our first race this past Sunday. It was a bunch of fun, and we finished closer to the top than the bottom overall. We each got 2nd place in our age categories. It feels great to get out and run together. Next month were on to the Almond Bowl and a bit longer race.