March 22, 2006

Gastronomical Diary

SFO enroute to Hong Kong
Breakfast-egg skillet w/ bacon and fuchsia bread
In-flight meals
Chicken & Rice
Noodles and a lemon cookie
Beef & Noodles

Monte Carlo CafĂ© in Fanling, Hong Kong – Rice w/ abalone

Cliff bar & banana
Korean Bar-b-que w/ Bing bing baugh rice in Kowloon
Shanghi style Chinese in Fanling

Cliff bar & banana
Pork & Rice - In-flight to Beijing (lots of odd packets…cleaning products? Food? Certainly fun.)
Big dinner all at one table in Beijing – duck, corn ‘Chinese French toast’, black noodles, tomato w/chicken soup & jelly-fish

Chinese breakfast w/ fermented bean curd
Dinner w/ Larry’s brother at two tables – shrimp, “corn bread”, fish, beef, lotus root & eel

More fermented bean curd on corn bread w/ noodle, soup and dumplings
Muslim restaurant – wow, love the kebabs
Hot pot restaurant – we got frog AND live turtle my friends! Very spicy hot just for you.

Did I mention the bean curd…
Manchurian Chinese with Joseph T’s friend…excellent.
Peking Duck with Robert Glover…fried scorpions just don’t fill you up

Egg taco w/ cabbage & sauce on the street
Lunch with the school kids…I think I saw a potato
Dinner with the arty side of the PLA…still no fried potato nest!

Noodles In-flight to Shenzhen
Good Chinese on the China Peninsula
More Shanghi style Chinese in Fanling

Pork filled rolls for breakfast
“Dim sum” place in Sha Tin
Chinese around the corner in Sha Tin

Dumplings and rolls for breakfast
Catered lunch…good pig skin and green beans
“French” sandwich shop in Mong Kok

Dumpling burritos for breakfast
Back to Sha Tin dim sum
Catered dinner

Ramen in Hong Kong airport
Chicken & noodles to Tokyo
Beef w/ potato & mushroom omelet to SFO

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