April 07, 2006

The allusive pastori americanus

I began my study of the wily pastori (var. americanus) in the urban jungles of Hong Kong. Stealth-fully dodging the fake-Rolex hawkers and aggressive tailors I made my way to the moderate safety of the harbors edge.

As I watched the boats I began to realize that the pastori were all quite different. It could be hard to find them in community, to see how they interact. But as I looked out I saw they were not unlike boats and ships I watched motor by on that humid overcast day.

There were slow ones.

There were heavy ones with big arms.

There were well worn ones with lots of rust (aka character).

And there were fast ones willing to vigorusly impart their theology upon you.

What on earth did they all have in common? What could I use to lay in wait to observe them? I ventured north in search of the pastori. It was here in the old villages of the New Territories that I could almost sense their presence.

Yes. As I wandered the narrow streets I could almosty feel their electric hum.

I was surely on the right path.

As I turned the corner I could recall those few common traits. I knew I was close.

It was time to quietly approach their group. They can be skiddish, and I didn't want them to run. One deep breath before I opened the door.

And there they were! In there native habitat. Pastori Americanus gleefully using a wi-fi connection together with the ever-present Apple Laptops. Just like in the all the books I had studied. Just look at them grin. It was from this initial meeting that I was able to follow them into mainland China.

Arrival in Bejing, and the begining of my odyssey with this particular group of the pastori americanus. Stay tuned!


Sean said...

Although you are not Chinese, you really look like you fit in there. Are you moving into the guys (church planter-missionary) house? --with me of course--

DeMar said...

Hmmmm. It's always fun to see the plans for your life develop in comments of your pals. Did you happen to choose the long straw today? And does this house have a slab of concrete or garage? If so, then moving may very well be in accordance with prophecy. ‘Doers’ need concrete and garages. See you there Clint.

Steve S. said...

...I hear that the pastori americanus are not birthed per se, but rather transmogrified by means of osmosis... beware your proximity to this group!!!