April 30, 2006

From my sister (with her permission)


I wanted to tell you that I went to The Vineyard church (San Carlos, CA) today thinking I was going to give Thelma, the woman I met on Tuesday at the Alpha class, paperwork for attending Notre Dame. I saw her come in, but never saw her leave so I was unable to give her the info. However, that would not be my point...I realized I was there for me and Thelma was my excuse. I needed a reason outside of myself to go. Could be the newness of it all.

Anyway, the sermon today was acutally several people in the congregation who talked about their experiences with God. Apparently the entire congregation just got done reading and doing the workbook of Henry Blackaby (?) Experiences with God, so Charlie had a few folks get up and give testimonials. It was really cool. One of the people said, "No one comes to him, but those who are drawn." I thought that was really great.

This one dude, named Joe, said he always wanted God to talk to him in McDonalds. One day he realized that God talks to him at least 40 to 50 times a day and it overwhelmed him. God is with him everywhere, even at McDonalds. I was thinking maybe God was at McDonalds in the hope he would STOP eating there.

When I left, I felt great, but also had this overwhelming need to come home and clean house! I also have this overwhelming feeling that I need to GET OUT OF HERE! I'm not sure what that looks like yet, but I'm pretty sure I need to physically move away from here. I was even thinking I need to not take classes next semester so I can save my money and move by the first of the year. I was evening thinking I should move to Redding where the living is cheaper and I could finish my degree at Simpson and possibly DO something different, like teach.

Is that God talking to me? Thoughts?

- Stacy

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