June 02, 2006


So after work today I got to pick lettuce in a new friend’s garden, but it wasn’t until after we worked on the water pump in his truck, so we could still feel free to call it guy stuff. Now this in itself isn’t earth shattering. But you ever have those feelings that God has you in the right spot? It’s more than what I’ve come to know as contentment, but rather trending toward joy and purpose, together. And then there was a great thunder shower that energized me, and sent me back to wonderful memories of electric storms in the wide open painted deserts. That is a show to behold.
My new friend lets me know in no uncertain terms that the door to his home is always open, and that he doesn’t feel like he needs to invite anyone over…they can just show up. I laughed, and spoke of some refinement his wife might request in what appeared to be his preferred style of invitation…and then we picked lettuce.
We’ve been working together for near six months, but in earnest for the past three. Yesterday he asks out of the blue, “So what’s your church like?”
And here we are in his garden with his wife and children, my second visit to their home in two days. This appears to be the perfect amount of time for the little ones to get beyond the beard, smile, and offer me the treasure of bugs and dirt clods they find in the garden as tokens of friendship.
This, and so many other accidental opportunities, has quite naturally led to questions and chats about what this ‘Christian Thing’ is about. Taking the time to be friends, and in that, gently speaking about what my life has become. Although I would never underestimate the power of a simple nod to the brisk, “I hate it when people…[hit me with their ‘best shot’]” routine. You know the routine. It goes alittle like - I don’t know you, but I’ve got a plan for your life.
I’m just thankful for the new friendship. All a simple opportunity to live out a bit of a sermon I haven’t the words…thank the Lord.


Steve S. said...


...I've got a plan for your life!

Don't worry, it's okay, I drew the short straw this month!

Sean said...

Why are you so Christ-like?

brett said...

my wife and you share similar passions i am looking forward to you two really "meeting"
anyway check this out as you get time.

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.