July 29, 2006

Gastronomical Diary

SFO en route to Beijing
In-flight meals
Meatloaf w/mushroom gravy and garlic mashed potatoes
Noodles and a almond cookie
Chicken & Noodles
Spicy Hot Dinner: Mike’s fried potato dish, chili oil soup w/cabbage, egg wrap ‘spring roll’, bok choy, Chinese broccoli, lamb kabobs, spicy sliced sausage, peanut chicken, fried bean paste w/nuts, sweat and sour ‘meat’

Pork biscuit, coffee and dried peas
Egg crepe w/cilantro and pork rind
Repeat of 1st Spicy Hot Dinner

Pickled veg, fermented bean curd, noodles
Hamburger at Silk Market
Pulled pork sandwich at Hard Rock

Sweet bean paste filled sesame bread
Wisdom Springs: Tomato, chicken wings, beans, potato-tarow root
Egg w/peppers, ‘meat’ with veggies (onions!)

Pork wiener, tort w/cabbage
Greens, chicken, peppers, onion
Soy noodles, rice, egg

Pork wiener, flat cabbage filled fry bread
Chinese take-out from town

Airport coffee
In-flight meal
Rice porridge w/pickled veggies, fruit cup, 3 tea sandwiches (ham, pimento, tuna)
Kunming lunch: chicken part soup, sweet and sour, pumpkin, spicy lotus root, greens, spicy meat, fried sticky rice w/ potato
Wicker Basket: Stuffed Sopapia and salad

Eggs, sausage, bacon, muffin, coffee
Dali: KFC burger
Lijiang: Fried jerky, tomato w/egg, cabbage, onion-pepper pork

Corny Big and Nescafe
1st Village: Chinese sorghum juice, pork fat soup w/ green onion, fired pork w/ mushrooms and light chili
Cashews, Mother’s jerky

Corny Big and Nescafe
Nanjian: Pork rib w/chili, pork w/onion and pepper, bok choy
2nd Village: Rice w/odd pork (fermented yogurt?), fried tofu, spiced tofu skin, tea, and too many snacks – ‘pears’, corn krispies, milk-peanut candy, hollow cookies

Corny Big, cashews and Nescafe
3rd Village: Rice, Chinese cabbage, other cabbage, fried pork ‘bacon’
Fish, chicken, cabbage, chili, pork, egg plant, squash, chili oil, rice, tea

3rd Village: Rice porridge, fried chili, spiced ‘meat’ and then for 2nd breakfast: whole fried fish, goose, sour bean veggies, cabbage, chili seaweed, pumpkin
Corny Big
Wicker Basket: Bacon cheese burger w/ fries, Magnum ice cream

Wheat noodles w/ garlic, onion and pork, Tamarind Juice
Americano – Yunjoy Cafe
Airport coffee
In-flight meal
Rice with ‘meat’ balls and sweet and sour, ham, picked veggies, roll, tomatoes, cellophane covered “acid horn”
Magnum ice cream

Airport coffee
In-flight meals
Beef w/ potatoes, carrot balls, broccoli, fruit, salad w/ ham, roll, spice cake
Noodles w/ almond cookie
Chicken and noodles, fruit, orange juice

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What's a Corny Big?
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