August 04, 2006

Corny Big

Corny is a candy bar from Germany. It has been produced by the Schwartauer Werke since 1985 and is available in 11 flavours.

The official Corny website posts reviews of Corny by enthuastic customers. When translated automatically from German, these reviews are unreasonably not funny:

Must sing this Song to it as by the Monsum!!!
I must buy the Corny
behind the packing
to the end of the life
until no more Cornish falls
against racingism against Corny
and if I can do no more think I of Corny
eat sometime I it times zam
until I cannot do simply nothing more

SCHWARTAU Corny Big Chocolate Muesli Bar

Corny Big Schoko
Artikelnummer 301226

Der Power Riegel mit Schoko

Zutaten:Milchschokolade 20%, Glukose-Feuktose-Sirup, geröstete Getriedeflocken 11% (Hafer, Weizen), Glukosesirup, geröstete gehackte Erdnüsse, brauner Zucker, Kokosfett, Cornflakes, kondensierte gezuckerte Vollmilch, Zucker, Reismehl, Maismehl, gehackte geröstete Mandeln, Honig, Gerstenmalz, Salz, Emulgator E471, Aroma, Backtriebmittel E450, E500, Karmalezuckersirup,. Kann Spuren von Haselnüssen enthalten.

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