October 20, 2006

Creation care

Backgrounder: Religion & The Environment
What's so important about the potentially powerful influence of conservative evangelical Christians on environmental issues, especially global warming? For years, many of these evangelicals have been charging environmentalists — and those progressive Christians who support environmentalism — with idolatry for lavishing worship on "God's creation" rather than God. Moreover, they have been skeptical, if not downright hostile, toward government-mandated protection of the environment ...

"Is God Green?"

Although the documentary focused on the evangelical movement's relationship to the environment, other faiths and religious traditions have perspectives on man's relationship to the environment. Different cultures may also have different ways of interacting with the natural environment.

• As we saw in the documentary, more and more conservative evangelicals believe that it is a Biblical responsibility to care for the environment. The environmental movement has focused on the moral responsibility to care for the environment. Is it the same thing? And what are the implications of this difference in approach to the same goal?

• About environmental policy, The Cornwall Declaration says: “Public policies to combat exaggerated risks can dangerously delay or reverse the economic development necessary to improve not only human life but also human stewardship of the environment.” What do you think the balance should be between environmental, human, and economic concerns?

How does your faith or religion or spirituality affect your perspective of environmentalism or creation care?


brett said...

environmental stewardship/care/responsibility is a big part of the official Emergent Village's purpose as christians. this issue as well as justice and works in general are areas where many evangelicals/conservatives have shied away from because of, i believe, a faulty understanding of grace and, possibly, a skewed escathology. grace does not excuse us from works it just points out that we cannot earn it. and if you believe that it's all going to hell in a handbasket, what is the point of trying to preserve it or "save" it? these are some areas that are getting adjustments in my thoughts/heart/soul

brett said...

i need to clarify, thanks to my mom, that i didn't capitalize emergent village to set it above god, jesus, or christians but to set it apart as the official orginization that is taking an official stand from the general emergent "movement"
i generally don't capitalize because it takes longer with my bum hand