October 05, 2006

a note from my sis'

Yo. Tell me your Social security number again. I need to add it to my Charles Schwab account so if I die any time soon you can get all my loot.

I was unpacking and thinking about God and the question I had asked before popped into my head, "Does anyone love God for creating the color green?" The answer quickly came to me. "I do."

I thought this because I use to think that the only people who loved God and/or Jesus were recovering addicts of some sort. Like, the only way to Jesus is first trying to kill yourself for years, THEN turn to God. So, I wondered does everyone who loves Jesus love him only because they now no longer do drugs or drink? Can't they just love him for creating the color green?

I was also thinking there MUST be something to all this Jesus and God stuff because when I went to the Fully Alive Community Church in Redwood Shores I thought, "What are the chances that EVERYONE in this room, BUT me is insane?" It was a nice service. They had pink cake with white frosting and cookies. I asked if they always have cake. They said "Yes." I'll be going back for seconds.

Just wanted to let you know my thoughts.

Oh yeah, what's with the women going to a retreat in the dirt? Don't people stay in hotels and go to spas anymore?

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