December 06, 2006

Logging out - for fear of Velda

It is for fear of reprisal from our dearest Velda’s darker side that I am writing this log. Although my name was misspelled on the sticky-note of correction, I thought it better to submit, and log forth…

With the time I often let past for my mind and heart to ruminate upon the goings on in and around me, it is often difficult for me draw a line in which Yaks is on one side, and everything else on the other. Life is messy…and it follows that the boundaries (as such) would follow suit.

Here’s the illustration…this past Friday I had the honor of closing with Alana Banana (friend of fruit) and Kim with the kaleidoscope hair. I was quite keyed up from the days events. The Lord, being faithful, offered direction through Kim for me to funnel this energy into washing, scrubbing, sweeping, and mopping last (whenever possible within my present model of best management practices - aka BMPs). We chatted about what it meant to have ‘good’ hair, and the finer points of ranking the potentiality in relationships that as of yet don’t exist (except in fairy dust and on the wings of butterflies). Chris brought in a movie for Kim, and we spoke about the stressful and awkward issues of the day. Later, I spoke with Eric as he collected his evening ‘fog lifter’ - he was dressed for a Christmas party (and I must say he cleans up well...when directed by the events of the evening). Soon we closed shop and I wandered home praising the Lord for a hardwood floor on which to lay my weary head. End of story. Yaks-only info, and certainly not the fullness of the back story…much less, what was to come of the next few days.

So that’s what that’s like…press in and be stretched.

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