January 22, 2007

Wetland Delineation Training

Congress authorized (mandated) the US Army Corps of Engineers to develop the Wetland Delineator Certification Program for the training and certification of individuals as wetland delineators.

The intent of the Wetland Delineator Certification Program (WDCP) is: (1) To improve the quality and consistency of wetland delineations submitted to the Corps, and (2) to streamline the regulatory process by developing procedures for expediting review and consideration of delineations submitted by certified delineators.

The Corps routinely receives inaccurate and inconsistent wetland delineations from applicants and/or their representatives which necessitate modification(s) or redelineation(s). When this occurs, the Corps must spend a greater amount of time in making a determination of wetlands jurisdiction. By relying more on private sector delineations the Corps will be able to more efficiently utilize its limiited staff for permit evaluations and compliance .

Although there will be no requirement for wetland for wetland delineators to be certified under the WDCP in order to submit wetland delineations to the Corps; however, the Corps will handle wetland delineations performed by wetland delineators it has certified more expeditiously.


It's been years since I've seen my old friend. The last time was on the 'rough end' of hitching from a survey job in Boise, then a few days in Portland and a short train ride to Seattle. He was one of the few that responded to a letter from my time at the Mission - and so began our slow conversation about Jesus these last few years...


Aloha Capt...

The scoop is that I may be coming to Seattle (the one in Washington - State) for a week of training.
This should happen at the end of Feb through the beginning of Mar.
Wanna hang out?

I'm morphing into a wetland habitat - archeology - computer and diesel mechanic - forester and invasive weed specialist.
It makes for a really big buisness card.

Lay low, and Hello to Em, D


I've been demoted since last we talked spoke, now just a corporal.Sigh...But anyhooot, you're coming up this way! Far-fooking-out! We couldhang out...but even better is we hang out and you stay with us forsome quality hang-out time. We got a spare bedroom with a real bed(none of that Foo-ton crap), cold AND hot running water, indoortoilet, super easy access to downtown--catch the bus outside ourbuilding easy. Oh yeah baby, we're all metropolitan and shit. Don'tgo no cable TV though, but we do have wireless cable internet accessso if ya have a laptop with a wireless card you're in business, if yadon't you can use one of ours. Pretty nifty offer, eh? Hell yes itis! However if your trip's sponsor is offering you lodging at theWestin Hotel or some other pretty damn nice facility downtown wewould understand you declining our humble abode in favor of a super-super-super-duper comfy bed and magnificent view of the Seattlearea. On the other hand we can offer you nightly wonderful bisto-style cuisine, Noel Coward-esque repartee, wonderful music....and weget four channels kind of fuzzy on the TV. In a pinch Emily can puton one hell of a floor show featuring soul music of the '60's andseveral costume changes. In any event we are looking forward to seeing you no matter whereyou hang your hat. In the event you don't bring a hat, a hat will beoffered to you compliments of the house so that you may hang itwherever you like, provided you stay here with us. I don't believethe Westin or any other hotel offers that particular service! Also be happy to pick-up/drop off as needed, just lemme know! yr pal,


Alrighty then...
I've just filed the purchase order for my training, and simply need to collect my train tickets. I decided to take the train, on account of that's my favorite manner of entrance into the the City Emerald.

I thought long and hard regarding your invitation. ...a pause to denote thinking... I must say I am intrigued by the Noel Coward reference. Do you have a large cast and hydraulic stage? Am I black-listed by the Germans too? I would have you know that is was the sweet and subtle combination of the metropolitan amenities and the 60's soul music review that moved me to accept your offer.
I would arrive at 8:45ish pm, and leave at 9:45am...the dates will loosely blanket the funded desires for matriculation by my sponsors. I hope to leave more than enough time to catch up and 'bistro-style cuisine' ourselves into the warm hum of a fine food coma.

I will contact you with the particulars as they are know to me. From the Henry Holyoak Lightcap days walking along side Warren Zevon to where I find myself now - but in search of the perfect burrito none the less. I look forward with anticipation to seeing you both.

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