April 14, 2007

old and new

So I came into work today to update an old PC given to me a year or so ago. I haven’t been on-line with it in some time so I knew the updates would be a mess, and I’d be better off at work on the broadband. I hooked it all up yesterday, and had know luck…goofy reg problems. So here I am today It’s now after 3pm [I got here about 8:30am], and the beast is now finally on update 20 of 27. I’m buying a mac.

It’s sort of like me and my truck. I like my truck, and I enjoy tinkering with it. But now I also have a VW. This is what I drive daily if I don’t want so much ‘adventure’ along the road. If I want to test my ‘road side repair’ abilities…I drive my truck [alone]. Which reminds me…

A wonderful little Volvo, entrusted to me by the Lord [and through many other previous owners] has finally found a home. My friends have been the first to follow through with both the appropriate paperwork, and the requirements of the grand state of California, to make it their own. Since its previous earthly owners ‘abandoned’ the vehicle to persons in my general sphere of influence some time ago, no one has been able to command such efforts as these newly registered and smogged pals. Simply following the chain of sale, as no exchange was fully validated by the State, would have made the best genealogist cringe. I applaud you!

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