June 14, 2007

A Gastronomical Diary...

May 28
Road food - Honey Pepper Beef Jerky
Jack in the Box (Hercules, CA) - The [not so] ‘ultimate’ bacon cheese burger, curly fries & blackberry shake

May 29
Stacy’s apartment - Coffee & scones
SFO to YVR flight - Coffee & biscotti
Vancouver Airport - Triple hazelnut latte & Kim’s leftover Pizza Hut
YVR to PEK flight - ‘Maized and Confused’ corn chips; Beef w/ rice, salad & real ice cream; Chicken w/ rice & melon; Cup o’noodle & tea

May 30
Beijing (Phoenix Apartments #2) – beef jerky snack w/ ‘homemade’ Marathon Bar (ground flax seed for the ‘omegas’)
Apt #2 group dinner – Rice, bell peppers, chicken, egg plant, greens & ham/bacon

May 31
French Press Coffee
Street Vendor – crepe w/ egg, green onion sausage and chili paste [sounds like ‘Jim bean’]
Honey pepper beef jerky break
Lido Starbucks – Hazelnut latte
Szechwan House lunch – Sweet & sour chicken, rice, lemon chicken, sesame asparagus, spicy beef, catfish soup w/ numbing peppers, chicken w/ nuts, fragrant spicy fried string potato, strange sausage slices & hot toffee covered banana
Apt #2 dinner – Rice, carrots, mushrooms, spicy beef w/ onion & bell peppers, pork w/ garlic, greens & shoots. ** We lost the cheesecake!!

June 1
French Press Coffee
Street Vendor – pot stickers
PEK to KMG flight - Jerky snack; Rice & bean porridge w/ pickled veggies, tea sandwiches, fruit cup & ‘café’
Kunming ‘Teriyaki’– Rice, tender beef w/ wasabi, spicy beef w/ red pepper, crispy chicken, greens, sprout filled egg.
Road food – market bananas, Stacy’s sugar cookie brick & beef jerky
KFC late nite – spicy chicken sandwich, fries & coke

June 2
French Press Coffee
Wicker Basket – All American Breakfast (2 eggs, 2 pancakes, potato, sausage & coffee)
Henrik’s Apt – ‘Homemade’ Marathon bar & Chocolate covered ice-cream balls [Walls brand]
‘Cantonese’ Chinese – flowers w/ garlic, beef kebabs w/ peppered fries, greens, ground meat w/ celery, chicken w/ onion, anise soup, rice, fried beans
Late nite – Dark Chocolate MAGNUM ice-cream bar

June 3
French Press Coffee
Henrik’s Apt – Oatmeal w/ local fermenting honey & milk, egg-sunny side up, toast w/ gouda cheese
Orange Garden [across from fellowship] – curried beef, mushroom meatballs, celery and onion potato, bok choy, peppers w/ bacon, yams, hash browns & sweet-sour chicken
Snack – watermelon, Yumbar & banana Corny (a sad memory of the Corny Big)
Yitianyuan [Muslim food] – lamb kebabs, greens, sautéed avocado, sesame bread w/ sweet bean filling, breaded shrimp (?), fried rice, goat cheese w/ MSG, lamb w/ peppers, chicken w/ veggies

June 4
French Press Coffee
Chinese Noodle Joint [around corner from Wicker B.] – blocky rice noodle w/ beef (sounds like ‘are-su’)
Jerky on the road
Laozhiqing (Dia people food) – sour pork/meat/fish with noodle-cabbage, greens, spicy eggplant, bar-b-que beef, chicken w/ green peppers, hot peanuts, ‘taquitos’, red/green peppers, stinky tofu, purple pineapple sweet rice, rice
Late nite – Cappuccino MAGNUM

June 5
French Press Coffee
Henrik’s Apt – cinnamon toast w/ gouda cheese
Wicker Basket – House special w/ coffee [toast, scrabbled egg w/ onion & ‘hash browns’]
Bird & Flower Market – four mini scoops of florescent colored Nikeai ice-cream in a waffle cone
Chang Long Yuan [Muslim place near Henrik] – Goat cheese, greens, rice, eggplant, beef w/ peppers, pumpkin patty, thin sliced cold ‘beef’, sweet sesame bread w/ beef & walnuts
Late nite – Cappuccino MAGNUM w/ nuts

June 6
French Press Coffee
Henrik’s Apt – Oatmeal & toast w/ strawberry flavored jam
Street Side Café [near play center] – egg w/ tomato, green beans w/ garlic, hash brown, eggplant, fried chicken skin, rice, soy ‘cheese’ w/ hot pepper sauce, pork w/ onion, green, corn w/ peas
Cantonese Dinner – Greens, rice, eggplant, seasoned pork w/ peanuts & radish, lotus root w/ snow peas, green beans, peppers w/ beef, flat noodles, corn w/ garlic
Late nite – melted cappuccino MAGNUM

June 7
French Press Coffee [the last of the YAKS coffee!!]
Henrik’s Apt – muslix w/ yogurt, toast
Jerky snack
KFC – Spicy chicken sandwich w/ corn salad & orange drink
Walk from Metro to Todd’s – 2 MAGNUMs
Todd’s house – creepy peepers chocolate
Nasty noodle shop – ‘Are-su’ noodles

June 8
French Press Coffee [Yunnan Garden Coffee, 'Italy Flavor']
Todd’s House – Seeds & dried fruit
Training Center [Jahling cooked] – sliced potato w/ tomato soup, hot peanuts, chicken w/ onion, tofu w/ red chili sauce, duck w/ sauce, green beans, cabbage, hot pickled mixture (kim chee ?), thin sliced squash, rice & tea
Wicker Basket – salad, beef tacos & chocolate shake

June 9
French Press Coffee [Yunnan]
Train breakfast – apple/apricot cereal bar from France, banana, ‘banana-like’ bread with plum pits
Train lunch – cellophane noodles w/ beef and chili pepper, 3+2 crackers w/ Skippy peanut butter, wheat crackers
Snack – Dove dark chocolate and peanut cereal bar from France
Train dinner – Black rice in a can, Teriyaki cellophane noodles, dove chocolate & 3+2 crackers

June 10
French Press Coffee [Yunnan]
Train breakfast - apple/apricot cereal bar from France, banana, ‘banana-like’ bread with plum pits
Yageshi Coffee, Beijing – Iced ‘chocolate’ mocha & Super Supreme Pizza
Muslim Place on campus [Mike’s favorite] – Tea, naan, lamb kebabs, naan w/ lamb & carrots, pasta w/ corn & lamb, curry chicken, beef w/ cabbage, cucumber & tomato salad
Late Nite – dark chocolate & vanilla ice cream MAGNUM, grapefruit juice, cacao biscuit & coco pocky

June 11
French Press Coffee [Yunnan]
Shang Yuan Restaurant (at the hotel) – nice fried rice, carrots, greens w/ butter, broccoli w/ beef, pork dumplings, picked cabbage w/ red pepper
State-Run Mu Tian Yu [At the Great Wall] – Noodles w/ beef, sweet & sour chicken, chicken w/ carrots & red peppers, rice, shredded spicy cabbage, ‘beef’ w/ tomato, green tea
Snack Time – MAGNUM; Kittyland – milk cream sandwich biscuits; Sweet & Delicious – peanut brittle & sesame cracker; Lotte (Cacao) Dream Pie
Korean Bar-B-Que – Eight (8) types of kim chee, lettuce leaves, sliced yam, beef lenque, ‘bacon’, two types of marinated meat, nice tender beef, garlic sauce, ginger sauce, sesame sauce, tea

June 12
French Press Coffee [last of the Yunnan]
Shang Yuan Restaurant – hash brown patties, wonton soup, pale sausage, bacon, chocolate biscuit, oil-fried egg, pear juice & coffee
John & Maggie’s Apt. – BLTs, watermelon, bar-b-q shrimp chips, tomato chips & Dorritos
Beijing Airport – Cappuccino & Cheesecake
PEK to YVR flight – ‘Maized and Confused’ corn chips; Pork noodles w/ broccoli, cellophane noodle salad, brownie & coffee; egg ‘omelet’, ham, tater tots, roll, melon & coffee
Stacy’s Apt – Salami sandwich, spicy tuna roll & Klondike ice-cream bar

June 13
percolated coffee
In-n-out Burger [Vacaville, CA] – two double-doubles w/ onions, fries & ice tea

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