August 27, 2007

a public service announcement

On September 20-21, 2007 I'll be heading to the Vineyard in Boise, Idaho for an Environmental Stewardship Conference. From Redding it's about a 10 hour drive, and I'll be heading out the Wednesday prior (9/19)...this also happens to be International Talks Like a Pirate Day - So be prepared!

If stewardship of this gift from our creator is something that compels you, drop me a line.

If you what to see what this might look like locally, there are things going on right in your own back yard. Check it out...Redding Creek Clean Up on September 15th - Bar-B-Que to follow! This event coinsides with the California Coastal Clean up day that began in 1985, and has been hailed by the Guinness Book of World Records as "the largest garbage collection".

For general interest in conservation in our local community have a look here for some works currently developing. You may find some fellowship with other people that have heart for one of God's gifts to us...we are simply His creations in His creation.

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