October 08, 2007

Arizona or bust

Well we made it to San Diego last night, 8 miles north of the boarder. Sunday is the best day to navigate through Los Angeles. A flat 10 hour drive from door to door. After the travel to Boise, this is seeming real familiar. It certainly felt like I'd been here before. I worked on a fiber-optic trunk like along this cooridor years back, and the odd and funny stories came poring back as I past what used to be familiar landmarks. Good stuff.

Don and I spoke every few hours on the phone to make sure the bus was running well...or rather not broke down. As luck would have it I had never seen the bus, so I didn't have the same level of concern Don had as he plugged along in front of me...all went quite well.

Got to have supper with Juan and his 'American' pastor Ken...they are real excited to have the bus. It was great to have some conversation about their church plant down in Mexico. We did however forget about Columbus Day...the DMV is closed. So they have an extra day in San Diego.

Off to breakfast and some errands, then it's off to the desert southwest...that my friends, will break loose some old stories...

UPDATE: no breakfast, and off to the border as Don is the only one that can 'legally' drive the bus. But the nice Mexican officals turned us around and wouldn't let the bus into the country. So we went to a second crossing, and tried...the American side is closed for Columbus Day...and then as we waited, the paper-work monster has collected us in his sticky hands. It won't get across today. It's funny that the vehicle broker at the boarder is the same guy that owns the storage lot. We're still talking and praying about the mess...you talk alot when there is paperwork to do...especially internatonal paperwork.

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