November 26, 2007

A Gastronomical Diary – Mexico

Saturday - Nov 17th – 6am (heading south)
Coffee from home in Redding
Two breakfast biscuits @ Wendy’s along I-5
Double-double @ In & Out along I-5
Spray cheese on ritz crackers – road snack (quite a hit with the 20-somethings)
2 fish tacos @ Del Taco in San Diego

Sunday – Nov 18th (entering baja)
Comfort Suits hotel breakfast – 3 sausage paddies, 2 egg disks and a waffle
Fish, yard-bird, and carne tacos in Ensenada
Quesa-taco grande w/ lime soda @ Ruben’s in Vicente Guerrero

Monday – Nov 19th
Flavored coffee and worship
4 carne tacos en todo con frijoles @ the white house
vanilla latte @ Mikazza Café
Quesa-taco and two tostada deals @ Rolley’s

Tuesday – Nov 20th
Flavored coffee and worship
Three Pescado tacos @ the mermaid
Pepperoni & Ham w/ pineapple pizza @ california’s

Wednesday – Nov 21st
Oaxacan coffee and cold pizza with worship
3 Pescado tacos & 2 Camarón tacos @ la panadila (yum!)
Quesa-taco and 1 tostada deal @ Rolley’s

Thanksgiving – Nov 22nd
Oaxacan coffee and worship
Turkey Almuerzo with the fixins
Turkey Cena w/ more fixins

Friday – Nov 23rd
Oaxacan coffee w/ Nequik (chocolate puffballs) and worship
Sharon’s homemade cinnamon scones
Five Pescado tacos @ la panadila (extra yum!)
Rib-eye & boxing @ Don Diego’s

Saturday – Nov 24th
Oaxacan coffee, turkey tamales and worship
Rice, egg, and bean burritos on the road (headed north)
Burger & curley fries @ Jack in the box in San Diego

Sunday – Nov 25th
Comfort Suits hotel breakfast –sausage & egg scramble and a waffle
Banana/Strawberry smoothie & fried zucchini @ Carl Jr’s
Foot-long Spicy Italian @ Subway