April 14, 2006

A good Friday

Rather than having time to contemplate the crucifixion of our Lord on this Good Friday, I was having a Friday not unlike that of Ice Cube in the movie of the same name. In one sense I think it's prolonged periods of rain that cause us to act odd. And it was a full moon last night. It was certainly a time, for those of us driven by the wilds of the world, to have us a good old fashion freak out. I had the pleasure, and blessing, of walking through some of this. And on the other end I can only say that God is good, and most everything is temporary, except Jesus.

I woke up this morning with a good friend missing, and I was concerned. I had the opportunity to reach out to the community of saints I have grown to love dearly today. And in that, I didn’t have to reach very far or hard, they were simply available. Through my early morning anger, directed toward people I had no authority over, I was able to speak about my concerns for the welfare of others, and suggest that Jesus may have some input into how we may be better stewards in our leadership of others’ lives. This in itself was almost certainly a prayer induced miracle, that is worthy to be lauded through the halls of “what silly angry guys do” until it rains ice cream, or the years end. Which ever come first. But certainly before all of this, I was able to first quickly chat with one pastor (my neighbor) and actually have the company of a second pastor (my most excellent friend, brother, and mentor) through my desired talks/confrontations. And, from this angry morning, we (though the love of Jesus) were able to see the beginnings of fruit, and the deepening of relationships. This is simply were I find myself these days…In the company of disciples of Jesus. I am so blessed.

I never did quite find my friend, but the concerns of the day had brought together a number of men in the name serving others, in the name of Jesus. And there was pizza. Did I mention the pizza? Chicago sausage...aka 'imported' sausage from Chicago. Eventually, I was able to have a wonderful supper with several other ‘men of God’ and look to revitalizing our community of recovery. The group is almost always smarter that the individual; and this becomes doubly true if the group wishes to follow the Lord. A few friends lift up someone that is struggling, and are simply available to allow for a personal connection and some practical love. Through this men are brought from a place of rejecting community, to ‘feeling better about it’, accepting the invitation, and looking forward to meeting again. This is simply were I find myself these days…In the company of disciples of Jesus. I am so blessed.


(I often wonder if his buddies had a nickname for him. I like to think it was Chico)

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Steve S. said...

there you go... you almost made me cry again!

I cannot imagine anything else I could ever do with my life that would hold a candle to following Jesus, arm in arm with you and the rest of our dear brothers and sisters...