June 23, 2006


Count this a public service announcement.
Invasive plant species (aka weeds) are quite the big deal these days in the land management circles I currently find myself bumbling through. Although I do realize if you like it, or it's green and can be mowed flat in your lawn, it may not be a weed to you. But I humbly offer these links for your edification in those things determined noxious by your benevolent county, state and federal servants (aka the man).

There are some cool pics and info to inform you of all the European and Asian invaders lurking out there along your nature hike. Being an inadvertent descendent of European invaders I can sympathize with the present weed population...they are themselves not guilty of the crimes put into motion by their ancestors. But none the less, we hunt them down and plan their destruction and management (a euphemism?). If they could only act more like the natives, be something they are not…then they would be safe.

I can almost sense the unquenchable guilt of being vegan, and then hearing the screams of your bean sprouts and hummus. The humanity…

Anyway, check ‘em out.

Redding BLM

Western Shasta RCD

Natural Resource Conservation Service

Yolo County RCD

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