October 31, 2006

The polls are in...

According to the SelectSmart.com Belief System Selector, my #1 belief match is Orthodox Quaker.
What do you believe?
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Orthodox Quaker A Christocentric branch (Note other Quaker branches: Wilburites are traditional; Gurneyites are progressive, evangelical, and bible-centered; Hicksites and Beanites are liberal, primarily in eastern USA.)

· Belief in Deities and Incarnations: There is a Trinity of the Father (God), the Son (Christ), and the Holy Spirit that comprises one God Almighty. God is personal and incorporeal.

· Incarnations: Jesus Christ is God's only incarnation. God is manifest within all as the light. Jesus possessed the light to the highest degree and is "the Light" within.

· Origins of universe/life: The most orthodox Quakers hold to authority of the Bible, and the Book of Genesis - that God created all in less than seven days and less that 10,000 years ago. But many would maintain that a Biblical "day" is not a literal 24 hours.

· After death: Most orthodox Quakers believe in direct reward and punishment, heaven and hell, the second coming of Christ and resurrection of the dead (similar to conservative Christian).

· Why evil? Some Orthodox Quakers adhere to similar beliefs as conservative Christians - belief in original sin and Satan. Many believe that lack of awareness of God's divine light within, or rebellion against it, is the cause of wrongdoing, and that alienation from God leaves one vulnerable to temptation, or Satan.

· Salvation: Some Friends churches include rites of baptism and communion, but sacraments to God are most often considered to arise from inward experiences, a personal encounter with God, rather than church ritual. Salvation is found internally through union with Christ, the divine Light within all. Many Quaker churches, e.g. Evangelical, believe similarly to Conservative Protestant, that salvation is a free gift from God, with faith, independent of good works. Yet, moral behavior and good works are viewed as essential to showing faith and obedience to God. Good works, such as humanitarian service, social justice, and peace efforts are an expression of Christian love. Simplicity and humility are viewed as essential to living a Christian life.

· Undeserved suffering: The most orthodox Quakers maintain that Satan causes suffering. Suffering is allowed by God as part of His divine will and plan. Quakers focus on reducing human suffering, especially that caused by social injustice or violence.

· Contemporary Issues: Contemporary Issues: Social betterment programs and nonviolence are fundamental to Quakerism. Some Orthodox Quaker churches are very accepting of homosexuality and others condemn it as contrary to God's will.


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Merrily said...

Hi David ~ that sounds like you, all but the clothes! I'd probably fall into the same belief system ~ I've always felt I was born in the wrong era...Actually, I loved everything about the 50s (at least from my limited perspective) and if that era had a similarly defined religious belief system, I'd click there! oxMerrily

Sean said...

I'm a Quaker too.