November 03, 2006

what the ants are saying

no insect likes human beings, and if you think you can see why.
the only reason i tolerate you is because you seem less human to me than most of them.

it wont be long now it wont be long.
man is making deserts of the earth.
it wont be long now before man will have used it up so that nothing but ants and centipedes and scorpions can find a living on it.
man has oppressed us for a million years, but he goes on steadily cutting the ground from under his own feet making deserts deserts deserts.

what man calls civilization always results in deserts.

men talk of money and industry, of hard times and recoveries of finance and economics.
but the ants wait and the scorpions wait.
for while men talk they are making deserts, all the time getting the world ready for the conquering ant.
drought and erosion and desert because men cannot learn.

it wont be long now.
It won't be long till earth is barren as the moon and sapless as a mumbled bone.

dear boss i relay this information without any fear that humanity will take warning and reform.

By Don Marquis, in "archy does his part," 1935
-Archy was a cockroach who left poems on Marquis's typewriter by jumping on the keys

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