December 21, 2006

Shoe Polish

How do you know it's Christmas? For myself I would almost have no idea if it weren’t for the odd seasonal tune or the extra fudge at the office. Which begs the question, “Can you really have ‘extra’ fudge?” I remember years back thoughtfully gathering gifts for my wife, family and close friends. This hasn’t happened in years. It’s more of a hurried accident moving though the queue at the Bath and Body Works:

Are you finding everything okay, do you have any questions?
Yes - walking away toward an intriguing can of odd finger-goo that resembles Kiwi shoe polish – I saw something over here that I was curious about…
I guess he didn’t need any help…
Yes he does… – is the word from my co-unshopper, and the chase is on, following me through the shop.
If you were someone’s sister, is this something you’d like?
Who’s sister?
That would be my sister...
Oh yes… -and the sale is on- …and then the girls could wrap it up if you don’t want to bother.
I like it ‘cause it looks like shoe polish.

It wasn’t until later after my friend and I prayed, and I was reflecting on our sharing over dinner that I saw the ‘Christmas' available to us all each and every day. Gathering of family and friends, sharing both gifts and troubles, counting our obvious blessings, and making a point to look forward to those things yet unknown.

I pray my heart softens. I pray I can trust. I pray for a slight contentment in the wonder of it all. I pray for courage and endurance to walk out those challenges before me and those close to me. And certainly, thanks for the grace…

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