June 26, 2007

35mm Slides

So I bought a Pentax K1000 to have some fun taking some 'old school' slides while I was in China. I bought it used [they don't make 'em anymore] from some outfit in New York City. I then tried to collect some Kodachrome film...no can do in this day and age. Only one place in Kansas (or was it Texas?) that will still use the environmentally unfriendly chemicals and compounds to develop that particular film. So I went with some Fuji ASA 100 stuff. And the fun part about that - I notice in China that all the film I bought in Redding had expired. Manual slide photography is a dying art. It gets better. After loading my second roll of film I notice my camera had exploded. The lens-seat had actually torn off the body of the camera. I have n idea how it broke...but over the next two weeks I smashed the rest of my fiolm through the camera just for giggles. I figured I was just pretending to be 'el photographer guy'.

So if you don't think God still does miracles, I got news for you - I picked up my film from the drug store today, and it all came out. I scanned a few on a flatbed here at the office just to show you...check it out. We ain't in Beijing any more.

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